Founded in 2002, Braintree is one of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the AI space. We are in the vanguard of research and development of intelligent computing solutions.

Our solutions tackle the big challenges faced by major corporations, public service organisations, government, and individuals. We create the future, today. Across everything we do, our purpose is to make life easier and more manageable.

The need and opportunity for AI

The digital world is here. With each day that passes, our lives become a digital existence as much as a physical one.

Innovations in computing technology that just a decade ago only existed in esoteric computing laboratories now permeate daily every aspect of our personal and business lives, so much so that we simply cannot imagine modern life without them.

We are creating a new digital universe, made from galaxies of data that swirl from our devices. This universe is filled with opportunities for us to expand our influence far beyond the limitations of our physical bodies. But our expanding digital universe is growing in complexity day by day. Every aspect of our lives is now intimately linked to this digital universe. Our cities, finance, retail, and entertainment – all are becoming dependent on the generation, exchange and analysis of data. Each day that passes, our wellbeing and happiness becomes more dependent on our ability to understand and navigate through this digital universe.

At Braintree we believe that Artificial Intelligence is the solution. A digital intelligence, born of a digital universe to be our friend and guide. AI will be our companion, our digital sibling. Living on the other side of the digital looking glass, it will make the digital universe accessible to us. By doing so, it will help make both our physical and digital lives easier and more manageable.

Ideas of AI are older than computers. All our computing pioneers from Alan Turing to Claude Shannon were involved in the creation of AI. The results of decades of AI work are already integrated into everyday computers. Braintree continues the work of these computer pioneers, developing wholly new digital intelligences that assist business and society.

At its core AI is simply clever computing, where machines learn to analyse data for our benefit. AI is when computing power is used to problem solve through rational cognitive processes conducted autonomously rather than through direct human input.

Today there has never been so much demand for AI solutions in the market.

Key driving factors are:

  • The growth in data generated by all sectors globally which describes every conceivable human activity and phenomenon – from what we like to buy to patterns of weather;
  • The growth of high-capacity connected consumer devices, enabling data to be accessed and processed anywhere, anytime;
  • The growth of the Internet of Things - connected ‘smart’ devices that generate data and enable digital control of everything around us.
  • The development of the ‘cloud’, which provides cost effective, high performance computing resources (storage and processing) to everyone;
  • Continuous development of new software, new hardware, and new interfaces at a pace faster than any business or user can keep up.

Pushing the AI agenda

Braintree truly believes in the potential AI holds for our society, economy, and business. We started Braintree in the UK in 2011 because we know that this country can lead on these vital technologies and really set the pace for the rest of the world.

Our goal is to ensure that AI develops in the right way so that it benefits society as a whole – and we are engaging with Government, Parliament, regulators and policy makers to ensure it does.

Members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) can be described as a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is a forum of members of the House of Commons and House of Lords, formed to support and promote the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Parliament. The Group will encourage Government, parliamentarians, academics, the private sector, and other stakeholders to engage with 4IR-related issues.

Braintree is a supporting member of the APPG, providing technical advice to parliamentarians on the potential of AI.

APPG 4IR logo


Braintree brings together world-leading scientists from across a number of disciplines, including biological, computer sciences, psychology and software developers, to provide game changing technological solutions.

In the past, Braintree’s work has ranged from providing an IT infrastructure for a major oil company resulting in increased profitability of millions, to automated analysis of sentiment in news articles for political campaigns, to research into higher order cognition by combining neural networks with graph databases.

Today, Braintree specialises in adding intelligence to graphs. We develop cutting edge Machine Learning tools for graph-structured data. This technology is being developed in the GAMMA project.

We apply this core technology to solve real-world data analysis problems brought to us by major retailers and manufacturers. We are also developing products that will make these tools and our other innovations available to everyone.


Braintree is led by founder and international businessman Nikolay Gurianov and Dr Peter Bentley, a pre-eminent computer scientist in the research and development of innovative AI methods. Their shared vision is to become a global leader in creating positive change in business and society through the application of the power of sophisticated artificial intelligence. They bring together an extensive track record of entrepreneurship, computer science, creating intelligent systems for large corporations, and leading-edge R&D in the AI space.

Nikolay Nikolay Gurianov Chief Business Development Officer

In 2002, Nikolay, who had already developed several successful businesses in Moscow, realised that any future business success would be related to big data and set up a research company to explore the synchronization of huge databases. Just two years later, he had his first major result, which led to further research into the nature of intelligence in order to build knowledge. Braintree was formed in 2008 and by 2010 the company was purely focused on AI. Nikolay set up a subsidiary in London in 2011, and moved there in 2014 as he recognised the need for better access to networks and co-operation with partners in order to grow the company globally. He met Dr Peter Bentley in 2014 and later became business partners.

Peter Dr Peter J Bentley Chief Technology Officer

Dr Peter J Bentley is Chief Technology Officer at Braintree. Peter is a leading computer scientist, author, researcher, expert media commentator and international public speaker with more than 20 years experience. He is Honorary Professor and Teaching Fellow at the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL), where he runs the Digital Biology Group, reflecting his interest in the investigation of how natural systems compute information, and nature-inspired computation. Peter’s research group is now based at Braintree Ltd, where he supervises UCL PhD students and helps forge strong links between UCL and Braintree.

Soo Ling Dr Soo Ling Lim Chief R&D Officer

Dr Soo Ling Lim is Chief R&D Officer at Braintree. Soo Ling is a scientist and software engineer with over 15 years of research and industrial experience. She specialises in data intensive and scalable systems and has developed software products for a wide range of organisations from startups to multinational public companies. She is Honorary Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at UCL and Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Informatics in Japan.

JJ JJ Giwa Chief Administrative Officer

JJ Giwa is Chief Administrative Officer at Braintree. Before joining Braintree, JJ was the Departmental Administrator for the Department of Computer Science at UCL for over 20 years, where she helped the department grow successfully into a world-leading centre.


The Braintree team is exceptionally talented, with expertise spanning computer science, design and software development. The technical team comprises experienced computer scientists, data scientists and researchers. We hire the best talent in the world and we nurture individuals with ambitions. We enable our staff to develop innovative methods to solve our clients' problems, and we fund world-class research to invent the future in the Braintree Research Lab.


Braintree is an R&D company that has pioneered innovative technologies in Artificial Intelligence for 15 years. We specialise in using machine learning and agent-based modelling with graph-structured data to help businesses and individuals cope in this ever-more complex digital world.

Our approach is unique in that we partner with academia, performing cutting edge research while developing industry-busting new solutions. Our staff all have the opportunity to get involved in research, and we offer sponsorship and supervision for PhD students, or for those with doctorates we offer honorary positions at UCL that include a chance to mentor your own students, to enable you to achieve your full potential.

We help industry leaders such as ArcelorMittal and Unilever with their problems, while developing our core technologies. These include GAMMA – the combination of machine learning with graphs, OPTiMAL – optimising human collaboration by taking personality into account, and Cancer Modelling – where we predict the growth of tumours in order to improve treatments for patients.

If you are self-motivated, ambitious, driven, and you want to make an impact with your work, we are looking for you. We need researchers, software developers, managers, and salespeople with an academic research or product development background. Useful experience to have: Machine Learning, Agent-based Modelling, Java, Python, Neo4J, Django, AWS.

For more information, please send a CV and a short statement of your interests to JJ Giwa at:


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